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What does it cost?

The “Cost per lead” is only one of the things you should think about when selecting a lead company for your business. If you go with a company that has the cheapest cost per lead, you may initially pay a lower cost per lead, but end up with a much more expensive lead in the long term. When buying leads, (ours or others) you should consider the following:

  • Exclusivity (Is the lead being sold to multiple agents?)
  • Replacement policy (How do you resolve bad leads?)
  • Availability (If you pay for them, will you get them when you need them?)
  • Customer Service (Is their someone that will answer the phone, as well as take care of the customer?)

Are you looking for 25 leads to 2000 leads, state wide, multi-state, or local leads? Life, Health, Annuity, Disability, LTC, Auto, Home, exclusive, shared or non-exclusive leads? All of these factors will determine what your lead cost will be. Exclusive (Non-sorted) cost per lead. (Price and availability are subject to change). Life leads are exclusive only.

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Insurance Lead Solutions for Insurance Agents

Why should you use as your insurance lead provider?

Five things you get only with

  1. Our Internet Leads are Enhanced in Real Time – Why should you care? Your client’s home is their largest and most valuable asset. Our partners at First American CoreLogic house the single largest source of household data in the United States today. Add the immediacy of a real-time Internet quote request with the details available only within First American’s vast databases, and you have the industry’s most detailed, accurate, and closeable insurance lead.
  2. Highly Qualified Leads – Can you get a better lead than a consumer that is looking for a quote from a local licensed agent, delivered in real-time? offers insurance leads generated by consumers who are out looking for insurance today. No gimmicks, no games, no prize giveaways, ever.
  3. Flexible Pricing – Whatever your need, we can tailor a program to fit your budget.
  4. Our Quality is Guaranteed – Since 1996, we’ve backed every lead we sell with an ironclad quality replacement guarantee. With 11 different categories for replacement, we make sure that your investment is insured!
  5. Complete Customer Care – If you find it difficult to get a live human on the phone with your current lead provider, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! At, you’ll have a rep and customer service agent assigned to your account, live telephone support, 24/7 account management online, and live chat six days a week! We’re here to show you success!

Other Lead Providers Just Can’t Compare

The broadest replacement policy in the industry
The Advantage

  • Fresh, Real-Time Leads Delivered to Your Desktop
  • 100% Validated, NO BAD LEADS
  • We Back Our Leads With a Simple No-Risk Replacement Policy
  • No Spamming, Popups, or Incentivized Leads
  • Organically Generated From Our Network of Consumer Sites, and live chat six days a week! We’re here to show you success!
  • Manage leads 24/7 with our Customer Care Center
  • Customized Filters Upon Request
  • Tailored to Fit Any Budget

Today’s market is tough and people are more frantic than ever when it comes to spending their hard earned money. How can you combat this? How do you know that you are getting qualified people through your door?

Every Lead is Backed By Our Iron Clad Replacement Policye

The broadest replacement policy in the industry
Our replacement policy is designed to give you more options, and more success. Since 1996 we’ve allowed our clients to replace leads to a greater extent and in a wider number of categories than any other company in the industry.

We use statistical analytics to chart client replacements

We use customer replacement responses to track our over-all quality in real-time. We want to show you that we have nothing to hide! We publish all replacement data regarding all clients (in your lead category) in real-time on our Customer Care Center.

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